Siding Options for Your Home

Siding does a lot more than make your house pretty. It serves as an additional barrier between your wall and the environment, preventing moisture from seeping inside.

Re-siding your home is also one of the best ways to increase its market value and make it more comfortable.

If you are thinking of re-siding your house, our expert contractors can be of great help.

Our siding experts can:

  • Repair damaged siding to restore the look of your home
  • Replace old siding for an exterior facelift

For more information about our siding services, we’d be happy to take your call. Dial 916-457-2754 to talk to one of our siding experts for free. You can also schedule a free, no-risk siding inspection and estimate.

We can help you with the construction, whether it’s for siding repairs or full siding replacement. But more than that, we can help you in choosing the best material for your home.

Here are some of the Best options For Siding Sacramento Homes

Wood Siding

Wood clapboards are often the siding of choice for many traditional homes. In fact, some of the oldest homes in historic districts of Sacramento still sport siding made of wood.

Wood siding must be installed professionally, given that this particular material is susceptible to moisture damage.

Our expert siding installers can install your choice of cedar shingles, cedar lap, finger joint cedar, or other wood options at a fair price.

Fiber Cement Siding

Re-siding with fiber cement siding is one of the best-paying home improvement projects you can do for your home. This material is termite resistant and is able to withstand damage due to water and fire.

As a bonus: Fiber cement siding can imitate the look of wood without any of its disadvantages.At Yancey Company, we only use and recommend the best fiber cement siding brands in the country, namely, James Hardie and CertainTeed.

For more information about fiber cement siding or our recommended brands, you can talk to one of our siding experts today.

Vinyl Siding

One of the most affordable siding options, vinyl presents homeowners with a variety of choices in terms of finish and color.

Vinyl siding can be embossed to look like wood or colored to your specific choice. It’s made of strong PVC plastic and won’t rot or flake.

Vinyl is made of plastic and is liable to produce noxious fumes if installed incorrectly. Our expert siding installers can install the best vinyl siding brands for your home using the safest and environment-friendly techniques.

Unsure whether your siding needs repair or replacement? Call us today for a free, no-risk, no-obligation siding inspection.

Our expert siding installers can inspect your current siding for damage and propose cost effective solutions. This is a no-obligation service, so there’s no risk for you if you aren’t 100% pleased.

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