Parents want nothing but the best for their children, and if you’re among those parents with kids in the early stages of development, you’re well aware of one of the biggest things that make them really happy: playtime. You may have entertained the thought of creating a playroom for one or more children, but how exactly do you make a space child-friendly, functional, and stimulating all at the same time?

An article published in The Sacramento Bee suggests that a playroom may be more than just a flex space filled with toys and kid-sized furniture:

Outfitting a play space for children might consist of nothing more than setting up a few old furniture pieces, plastic storage bins and the extra TV.

But some parents want the play space to reflect their design aesthetic. Does the rest of the home read more Eero Saarinen than Superman? More Verner Panton than Pokémon? Is the vibe less Nickelodeon, more George Nelson? If so, you’ll want to try balancing kid-friendly with cool.

One great way to make your playroom extra special is by using a sunroom. Sunrooms are awesome enough on their own: they give your home more space, more natural light, and bigger views of the outdoors. But make it a playroom/sunroom and you’re hitting multiple birds with one stone.

Your kids get to enjoy the safety and security of an indoor play space while they’re exposed at the same time to the beauty of the outdoors. That’s pretty hard to say no to. Your best bet, if you’re planning to erect sunrooms in Sacramento, is Yancey Company.

With their help, the project need not be overcomplicated or expensive. In fact, a playroom/sunroom can be comparatively affordable next to other Sacramento remodelling projects, as it may only be a simple matter of enclosing an existing deck or patio. To get more expert ideas for your new sunroom, contact Yancey Company today.

(Article from “Cool but kid-friendly playrooms can inspire creativity [sic]”; January 25, 2014)

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