Sacramento RemodelingThe remodeling Sacramento residents demand can often increase the value of a home, but certain remodeling projects actually show a much larger return on investment (ROI) than others. Citizens of Sacramento already live in the region of the United States that sees the largest ROI in the country. Citizens in the Pacific Region see over a seventy-one percent return on remodeling projects when they sell their homes as opposed to a lower than seventy percent return in the rest of the country. Choosing the right remodeling projects can maximize these returns.

Remodeling with Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows can actually show a return on investment while the homeowner is still in the house. These windows are much more energy efficient than older models, so an individual will see a savings on their utility bills and may receive an energy efficient tax credit. The best part is that a homeowner will recoup about sixty-nine percent of the money they invested when they sell the home. This along with the energy savings and tax credit make new windows a sound investment.

Kitchen Remodeling that Pays Back

It is well-known throughout the remodeling industry that kitchen remodels can add a significant amount to a home’s estimated value, and this is probably why these projects show one of the highest returns on investments. Homeowners will see a seventy-two percent return on their investment when they sell their home, and this is for a minor renovation. Just adding a new sink, countertop, appliances, and faucets will greatly increase the value of a home. Having the cabinets refaced will add even further value.

Replacing Exterior Siding as an Investment

Siding is another remodeling project that can save homeowners money while they still reside in the house. Damaged or worn siding can allow for easy transfer of energy from the interior and exterior of a home, which in turn drives up utility bills. Replacing a home’s current exterior with fiber cement siding will provide better insulation and a great return on investment. In fact, replacing a home’s siding has the highest return on investment, at seventy-eight percent, of any other remodeling project that could be performed on a home.

Remodeling projects are a great way for Sacramento remodeling residents to add comfort, beauty, and value to their homes. Most of these projects will always show some return on investment, but the aforementioned ones will maximize the profit that a homeowner sees when selling their home. Even if an individual has no intention of putting his or her house on the market, these remodels can provide comfort and efficiency within a home.

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