Interior Painting Tips for Your Home

Of the many home improvement projects you can consider, painting the interior walls is one of the most fun and fastest ways to change the look of your home.

However, if you’re like many homeowners, choosing colors for your home is more than a daunting prospect. Here are some expert tips on choosing an interior color palette straight from the best painters in Sacramento:

Research and do your homework.

While our painters can definitely advise you on popular colors to use in your home, it pays to know what you like. After all, the paint of your home should reflect your style aesthetics.

Browse the internet and magazines to look for inspiration. There are tons of photos out there of gorgeously painted rooms; take note of what you like and don’t like so you can talk your ideas over with the painters.

Use the 60-30-10 rule.

When thinking up an interior palette, it’s always a good idea to use the tried and tested 60-30-10 rule. This means dividing your color choices for your palette: 60% will be your dominant color choice,30% will be the secondary color and the remaining 10% will be allocated for an accent color.

Unsure if your colors complement?
Call our experts painters in Sacramento today for advice.

Visualize how your palette will look under different light conditions.

Most color palettes look good in natural light, but what happens when it gets dark?

Some color palettes that look great in the golden light of the Sacramento sun may look washed out under a fluorescent glare. Talking to our expert Sacramento painters can shed light on how particular colors look under different lighting conditions.

Expand your neutral horizons.

Just because many define neutral as beige doesn’t mean that you should paint your home in that color if you don’t want to. In fact, our expert painters say that neutrals aren’t necessarily one color family.

As long as your color has the right balance of cool and warm tones, it can be considered neutral.

For example, red is a bright color, but if you choose a subdued shade of it like terracotta or auburn, it can be considered neutral.

Consider the mood you want in specific rooms when choosing color.

The color of a room can influence how people feel in it. For example, if you entertain a lot in your living room or dining room and want a festive feel, opt for secondary and accent colors that pop to bring life into these rooms.

For a soothing and restive atmosphere in your bedroom, soft and peaceful colors will work best. Our expert painters can give you advice on how certain colors can change the appeal of specific rooms.

If you are unsure about picking a palette, don’t delay talking with one of our expert Sacramento painters. Call us today for more painting tips or to schedule a free, no-risk project estimate.

We’ll even give you a no-commitment estimate. If for any reason, you don’t want our services, the estimate is on us.
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