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Don’t spend the rest of the summer in the Sun! Start enjoying a customer home patio cover. Free Estimates…

  • Protection against sunburn
  • Increase life of patio furnishings
  • Helps cool your home
  • Increases family enjoyment and satisfaction with home
  • Increases resale value and competitive position in market
  • Complete Financing Available

Have you been thinking of installing a new patio cover on your home? A quality patio cover provides shade on sunny days, shields your furniture against the elements and creates a special outdoor space for entertainment. Trust our team to provide you with some of the most efficient patio covers in Sacramento, CA.

To make your yard as inviting as possible to family, friends and guests, consider protecting your patio with a sturdy yet attractive awning, pergola or canopy.

A covered patio can turn a basic backyard into an open living area that’s suitable for parties or cookouts in all seasons. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a covered patio, let the design consultants at Yancey Company guide you through the process of selecting and installing a model that suits your home.

Comparing Patio Cover Materials

A patio cover sets the tone for your home’s landscape. The material you choose should blend with your home’s exterior architecture while accommodating your lifestyle. Before helping you decide on a cover, we’ll sit down with you to discuss how you hope to use this area.

Do you plan to cook outdoors, host parties after dark or just enjoy relaxing afternoons with your family? Do you want to incorporate container gardens, flowers or vines into your design?

Through seven decades of experience, Yancey Company has built a network of suppliers that provide top-of-the-line materials for patio cover in Sacramento, including:

  • Redwood: A naturally weather-resistant choice for traditional or contemporary California homes
  • Aluminum: A lightweight, versatile metal that’s easy to maintain and available in a broad spectrum of colors
  • Wood composite: An exceptionally durable material that stands up to weather, sunlight and insects
  • Fabric or vinyl: Fabric or vinyl awnings and canopies offer an affordable way to accent your landscape

Patio Covers Sacramento

Patio covers can be constructed in a variety of styles, from solid covers to latticed pergolas. The style and material of patio covers should complement a wide range of outdoor furniture designs, so that you can easily replace your patio furnishings without worrying about whether they’ll clash with your cover.

How To Upgrade A Patio Cover

Pergola Sacramento

This is just one idea…what will yours be like?

In Sacramento’s mild climate, homeowners can enjoy outdoor living at any time of year. To maximize your use of your patio, Yancey Company can enhance the space in a number of exciting ways:

  • Landscape lighting systems
  • Outdoor entertainment installations
  • Gas lines for ranges or grills
  • Outdoor fans, misters or heaters
  • Spas or jacuzzis

Schedule a consultation with one of our home improvement experts to discuss how a covered patio can transform your yard.

How We Guarantee Our Patio Covers

With over 70 years of experience in the Sacramento area, Yancey Company understands the importance of safeguarding our clients financially. Our products are protected by manufacturer’s warranties and by our own service guarantee, making them some of the most reliable patio covers in Sacramento, CA. We also carry a $2 million liability insurance policy to cover our customers in the unlikely event that a project doesn’t go as planned.

Most importantly, we back our work with a reputation of offering affordable, long-lasting home improvements in Sacramento since 1939. Contact us for a free estimate on patio installations today.

Yancey Company also provides other home improvement services such as windows repair and replacement, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling, among others.

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